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Let me tell you a little story about Bakerwoods. My Dad, Grant Baker, was a lumberman and trapper and was born and raised in Ashford. My Mom Frances was from New York City and had a few surprises when she married my Dad. She came from the city to set up housekeeping in a woodchoppers shack with a picnic table, a hand pump, no electricity and no telephone. Mom was learning about housekeeping in the country while listening to an old Buick engine that ran the small sawmill Dad operated. When the war broke out, Dad was called to duty and off he went leaving Mom in the woods with two babies, no car and no contacts. But Dad was a wonderful inventor, so before he left he climbed to the top of a large oak tree and there he placed a pulley with a rope to which he attached a white grain bag. Now if Mom needed help while he was gone, all she had to do was to hoist the "flag" and someone in the neighborhood would see it and send help.

While she was working to establish their home, Mom's New York City entrepreneurial spirit took over and gave her many wonderful ideas of what she could develop "way down in the woods" Her first endeavor was raising Silver Fox for pelts since after all they had received a pair as a wedding gift.

In the 1950's Mom and Dad began raising rabbits, chickens and goats. Mom renovated one of the old chicken shelters into dog kennels so she could add dogs and cats to their ever growing animal farm. She ran Baker Kennel for many many years.

A small table on the lawn held a few dog collars and knicknacks, just some odds and ends , and Mom decided to hold her first "tag sale" She soon saw the future in selling what-nots, so in l960 she rented an apple stand and called it the "What-not Shop."

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What fun it was to be her child...feeding the animals, packing a lunch, and going to the shop or an auction! Soon Mom decided to concentrate on buying and selling antiques and junk. She was so good at it everyone knew that if they needed something, she had it! In the 1990's she was still at it? selling at tag sales and flea markets as well as at home. Her dream was to have a huge barn as her store. She passed away in 1997 while her dream barn was still under construction, but she left her dreams and legacy to me and I continue the journey and invite all to share in the fun.