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Tree Treasure


A Tree Treasure While driving down route 89 almost to the center of Ashford, I noticed a large tree that had been cut down. Thinking I have lived in town all my life and never noticed that big tree. On my way home I stopped and checked it out. The two bottom pieces were hollow, the base was broken when cut down. The circumference at five feet was about 18 feet. The second piece was not only a great speciemen of the largest ash tree I had ever seen, somehow I knew the Creator must have had a plan for this old tree. Ash trees have been harvested for fire wood, and a great wood when running low on wood in the winter, as it can be burned green. So how could this tree have been spared for so many years? Not being noticed by too many people, just planted by the river in the center of a town that derived its name from the tree. Ashford named for its large growth of ash trees. There it stood, grew and watched over the town as it was settled. Standing through the many storms of all those years gone by. It stood there and watched the little town grow. Not thinking of the growth rings that were building inside the trunk. According to the tell tale rings it must have been here for more than 300 years. Still surviving but suffering from the ash boar inside the trunk. A decision was made to cut it down. As I looked at the trunk and the perfect windows and door I knew the Creator had formed it perfectly. I stopped in and asked the Mcdonough family for the stump. I wanted it for the children to see and play in at Bakerwoods. Instantly it was mine. Casey McCue was the one that I had to ask to move it. I knew God had a plan for the tree. If only others would see and appreciate it. I knew it was a blessing from God when Casey had to ask his brother for help! Pastor of Living proof church (formerly Warrenville Baptist). The Old church that the tree watched being built. From deep inside I knew it had to be preserved and honored. A true treasure of Gods creation to hold the air that our ancestors breathed, the tears, joy and sorrows that passed beneath its branches, all the days that passed to form our town from beginning to today. What a great piece of history! Now I invite all of its children from years gone by, like great great grandchildren of those that may have sat under the tree to come and visit and let your imagination run free! Being preserved here at Bakerwoods to honor the creator of a true treasure that only God could have made such a great plan!